Fun With a Ball Video I

Booker joins Fran as she has Fun With a Ball
Booker joins Fran

For a very limited time, the Fun With a Ball Intro Video can be yours free!

Join Fran as she demonstrates moves anyone – yes, anyone – can do with their Stability Ball. Some people call it a Gym Ball, others a Balance Ball, Swiss Ball or Pilates Ball. Fran just calls it fun!

Core need work?

Does your core need tightening or strengthening? Do you feel unstable when you walk – or even sit? Fran’s Fun With a Ball Intro will get you on the road to a strong, tight core.

Sitting, standing, lying on the ball….

Standing and sitting exercises are included. Standing exercises? With a Stability Ball? Yes! And sitting and bouncing on the ball is not only fun, but it’s good for your core. And even the old “crunch” is fun on the ball.

Did you stash that Stability Ball in your closet before you inflated it? You thought it would be fun but couldn’t figure out what to do with it?

Inflate that ball!

Now is the time to grab it and put some air into that Ball! Have Fun With a Ball and get fit! Fran will show you how.

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