Fran’s Creations

Printable worksheets

Why printable? The act of writing things down cements them. It makes them real. Tracking your fitness goals digitally can work for some, but it’s really easy to just not open that app or that page in your app. Writing your goals out makes them reachable. Tracking your sleep and mindset on paper makes it easier to see patterns. 

Sure, all this can be found in your Fitness Journal and Tracker. And it’s great, but having a paperback book is sometimes cumbersome. Plus, a lot of times you don’t want to set your goals down in an actual BOOK because, well, what happens if things happen and you change course? 

So, download your Goal Tracker sheets. Track your exercise. Print as many copies as you need. If you end up crumpling that piece of paper, it’s okay. Print another one.

Fran has created digital products specifically for all of us who want to be fit at every age.

Fitness Journal and Tracker

Your Fitness Journal and Tracker will help you achieve your pie-in-the-sky goals! Infinitely customizable. Set your goals. Set the steps you’ll take to get there. And track everything. For your quarterly goals.