Play with your dog!

racquetballGo ahead – play with your dog. You know you want to! Toss a ball down the hall, play tug in the living room. Push him away and laugh when he comes bouncing back at you. Rough him up! Scratch his ears. Run away from him, then turn around and wrestle! If the weather is decent, go outside and take a walk with him.

Playing with your dog is good for both of you. It increases both of your activity levels, burns some calories, and makes you happy. It’s a little exercise for both of you.

As we go into winter, most of us tend to be more sedentary, and we have to do everything we can to combat it! A little exercise every day is crucial to not only our physical health, but our happiness. And why else do we have dogs, than to be happy? Exercise can also keep us a little warmer, and if you’re anything like me, we need that warmth! And exercise can help keep those winter pounds from piling on. Eating healthy combined with exercise is an unbeatable combination!

So, go play with your dog. It’s good for you. If you’re a cat person, you can try…