Your Week of Core-Centered Balance Moves

Why should I care about balance?

Add balance to your week and prevent falls.
Simple balance exercises will keep you on your feet!

If you want to stay on your feet instead of your backside, you care about balance.

As we age our balance deteriorates. It’s a sad fact, but the majority of Americans over 65 will fall in the next year. I don’t want to be one of those statistics, and you probably don’t either.

Hi – I’m Fran. I’m 67 now, but I fell a few years ago and injured my knee, my hips, my back … That inspired me to find out all I could about how NOT to have that happen again. The research was eye-opening and kind of depressing. So I determined to help everyone I could to stay on their feet.

No more worrying about tripping on uneven pavement!

The exercises you’ll see in this Guide, are very easy and you don’t need any special equipment. You probably won’t even sweat much… If you do these exercises every week, they will help to improve your balance.  No more worrying about cracks in the sidewalk. You’ll be able to go outside and not worry about falling.

If you want to be able to play with the grandkids in your backyard, if you want to wander around exotic cities on your travels, if you want to walk the dog without worrying about falling, grab your Week of Core-Centered Balance Moves now.

Just a couple of minutes a day will improve your balance and you’ll also be well on your way to developing a stronger core.

What’s a “core”

From your torso to your hips – that’s your core. The middle of your body. Yes, your core does include your abdominal muscles, or “6-pack,” but there are many more muscles in your core. We want them all to be stronger.

Why is a strong core important?

Another thing about getting older is that our backs tend to hurt more. But a strong core can alleviate back pain! A strong core will also help our balance, helping us to quickly regain our equilibrium while walking on uneven surfaces. A strong core also gives us better posture and helps our breathing.

Don’t worry, though – no planks!

Ready? Let’s get started!

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Congratulate yourself! Full plank with bird dog balance!
No planks in this Guide. This is a fun exercise to try, though….