Schedule your workout

100315_lungeYou may not like to do it. You dread it. But you know it’s important. Your workout. Change your mind about that. Find a workout that you don’t dread quite as much. And, perhaps, over time, you’ll come to tolerate it. And then, perhaps, to enjoy it.

I used to hate, absolutely HATE, lunges. I have bad knees, was my excuse. And I couldn’t lunge as low as I should. But, they were part of a workout that I didn’t mind so much, so I did them. So I kept doing it. My form got better – keeping my knees in line with, or even behind, my toes. Going lower. Ideally, your knee should be at a 90 degree angle. Your back leg should be really straight. And now, I can honestly say that I don’t mind lunges.

You can “not mind” your workout too. Keep at it. 3-5 times a week. Put it on your calendar. You’ll be healthier. You’ll feel virtuous for having worked out when you didn’t feel like it. And you’ll be more pleasant to others. My sister (and business partner) is out of town this week so my hours are a little longer. I usually work out after work, in the late afternoon. This week I could work out after I get home, but, realistically, I know that I would not have as much time as it deserves. So, I got up a little earlier and worked out before breakfast. And, yes, I do feel virtuous!

Author: Fran

I believe in everything! In moderation, of course! I keep fit by working out a little most days, eating right (mostly), doing balance exercises (every day!) and trying to keep a sense of humor.