Your Day to Smile!

Do you want to put a big smile on your face today? One that lasts for the entire day?

Do you want to feel good about yourself, your life, the universe, and everything?

Give someone else a sincere compliment.

I’m not talking about the usual, “You look nice today.”

No – that’s not a sincere compliment.

“I always love the way you put together an outfit – down to the accessories!”

Now that’s a compliment!

Or, “Your garden is beautiful. I love your attention to detail.”

“I love the way you always listen to what I have to say.”

“You always smile at your dog – no matter how naughty he’s being!”

Now those are compliments!

By giving someone a compliment, you’re opening yourself up to others. Other people can see that you’re not just about you. You’re not selfish. You care about others. And by not expecting a careless, “Thanks, you too.” you’re really showing that you’re interested in what the other person says.

And when you’re really specific in your compliment, that really shows that you’re paying attention to the other person.

You really mean it!

And that puts a huge smile on the other person’s face. Which puts a huge smile on yours. The world seems just a little brighter. The grass is greener, the flowers brighter.

When you smile, you feel lighter, more full of energy. And when you have more energy, you’re more likely to eat right, exercise, and do all the things that are good for you. You’ll be more likely to park further away from the door if that means not circling for a parking space. You’ll notice trees, birds, flowers.

And your compliment will make the other person stop and think about what you said. Of course, you’re complimenting someone with no expectation that they’ll pay one back to you, but most of the time it does happen.

Be sincere in thanking the other person. Really listen to what they have to say, because it shows what they’re thinking about you.

OK. Now smile!